SAP Global Templates: A Best Practice Guide to Maintain Standards when Localizing Business Processes

Consistent operations at a global level are a dream for many large organizations. But standardizing changes to SAP architecture across different regions and business functions is no simple task. 

Global templates in SAP can deliver faster rollouts, reduced IT costs, and better compliance, but where do you start? And how do you address their biggest pain points?  

SAP Global Templates best practice guide cover and internal page

This best practice guide will help you get the most out of global templates, including: 

  • What to look out for depending on your landscape architecture (1:1 vs 1:many) 
  • The biggest challenges of managing a global template after deployment 
  • Expert tips on how to get the most value from your template (with real examples
  • Implications for your S/4HANA migration 
  • A comprehensive checklist to consult before deployment 

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