The S/4HANA Adoption Model

A customizable tool developed by Basis Technologies’ CTO David Lees to analyze the migration from ECC to S/4HANA


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Almost half of ECC customers will not have completed their S/4HANA migrations by the end of 2027 


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More than half of all ECC and S/4HANA customers will be out of mainstream maintenance by 2027


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Demand for migration resources will peak at the end of 2027, requiring 75% more resources than today

What is the model?

An open, customizable model developed by Basis Technologies’ CTO, David Lees, to help you analyze the current migration progress and support package landscape. It’s backed by the latest public data from SAP, Gartner, and Basis Technologies, and cross-referenced against deadlines, resources, and package support. 

The model has been peer reviewed by SAP experts and commentators, Josh Greenbaum and Jon Reed, as well as Pierre-Francis Grillet, Global Lead of SAP Services at SoftwareOne, Robert Holland, SAPInsider’s Vice President and Research Director, and Stuart Browne, Founder of SAP consulting firm Resulting IT

Picture of David Lees

David Lees

CTO at Basis Technologies and creator of the S/4HANA Adoption Model

What can the model tell you?

  • Proportion of upgrades in net new S/4HANA customers vs existing ECC customers 
  • How long an S/4 project will take for ECC customers of various sizes 
  • The percentage of existing S/4 customers that are upgrading, and at what frequency 
  • What resources will be needed to meet S/4HANA deadlines in 2027 and beyond 

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