Use the Right Metrics in the Right Way for Enterprise Agile Delivery

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1. Gartner, Use the Right Metrics in the Right Way for Enterprise Agile Delivery, Bill Blosen, and Bill Swanton, 16 August 2021

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Gartner® says IT leaders moving to agile development and DevOps should:

Even if you’re already using DevOps within your organization, you may not be getting the full benefit this approach and supporting tools can offer.

Read the full report to learn what key metrics should be used to form an effective foundation for agile delivery.

“Select a few key metrics to track progress towards objectives, and do not use them to compare team or individual performance.”1

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How to Build and Evolve Your DevOps Toolchains

As modern enterprises adopt agile ways of working, they often struggle to find the right metrics to accurately track their progress.