A guide to DevOps tool chain integration in SAP

Businesses depend on SAP, but in many the SAP change and upgrade cycle operates independently from other enterprise applications. A slower, rigid waterfall approach to SAP software development remains common, even where agile and DevOps have revolutionized development and delivery in other parts of the organization.

This isolation of SAP drives inefficiency and reduces business agility. Integrating SAP into an enterprise-wide IT tool chain helps to accelerate the adoption of agile and DevOps, aligning the pace of change in back-end systems with the needs of customer business.

In this webinar we explore the current drivers behind agile and DevOps outside of SAP, why these trends make sense for SAP teams, and how the SAP release cycle can be aligned with the wider business through tool chain integration.

Watch the webinar recording to learn about:

  • Why organizations have adopted agile and DevOps, and the benefits they bring;
  • Modern DevOps tool chains and how automation accelerates delivery of value
  • How SAP can be connected to other applications and why it matters;
  • Practical examples of how SAP users are integrating SAP to applications like ServiceNow (ticket management), Jira (backlog management), abapGit (distributed development), Jenkins (testing) and GitLab (software delivery)

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