A view from the outside: What DevOps professionals need to know about SAP

In this webinar we’ll consider SAP from the perspective of DevOps professionals, why it should be high on their agenda in today’s increasingly digital economy, and what they need to know about SAP. Columbia Sportswear will join us to discuss the inclusion of SAP in their DevOps journey.

DevOps has been adopted as an approach by IT teams in many of the world’s leading companies because the benefits are proven. But SAP systems often remain DevOps-free zones that are difficult to change, even where they play a critical part in effective day-to-day business operations.

Why should that be the case? Why is it still so common for SAP teams to work in an old-fashioned waterfall manner, when the rest of the organization can deliver business value fast through continuous software delivery? Why is SAP locked into an unresponsive cycle of infrequent, large-scale change while other applications have the agility to respond to changing customer needs at high speed?

DevOps-driven transformation of products, processes and business models should not be held back by dependence on slow, unresponsive SAP systems. DevOps professionals can provide the expertise needed to shift away from this all-too-common outcome.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why DevOps professionals should care about SAP
  • What’s different about SAP that holds firms back from introducing DevOps
  • How to get started with DevOps for SAP and make it a success
  • The benefits of introducing DevOps to SAP
  • About Columbia Sportwear’s DevOps journey

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