abapGit & containers (Part 1)

Extending CI/CD workflows in SAP landscapes: An introduction to containers and distributed development

Thanks to tools like ActiveControl it’s now more practical than ever to adopt a DevOps approach in SAP environments. However, the unique architecture of ABAP-based SAP systems has until recently prevented development teams from taking advantage of the parallel development approach typically used for non-SAP applications.

abapGit is an open-source code versioning tool that enables you to adopt distributed development in your SAP teams. Combined with the flexibility of containers, this approach extends SAP CI/CD workflows to provide previously unachievable flexibility.

In the first half of a two-webinar series on abapGit we’ll introduce the key concepts behind Git-based distributed development, and container technology. Part two will showcase a live end-to-end demonstration of a containerized abapGit workflow.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The underlying concepts behind abapGit and containers
  • Their potential for improving SAP development
  • The use of code branching in a Git-based workflow
  • An example of an end-to-end SAP CI/CD process utilizing abapGit

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