APJ: How to deliver faster, cheaper SAP upgrades

Hosted by our Australian managing director, see how the latest SAP software could provide significant business benefits. With SAP S/4HANA on the horizon, upgrading legacy systems is becoming an even more pressing concern as firms look to simplify the transition from ECC to S/4.

However, implementing SAP enhancement packs has traditionally been a slow, expensive process, not least because it’s critical to ensure new opportunities don’t come at the expense of existing business processes. This operational risk – essentially unavoidable when making extensive changes to complex, business-critical enterprise applications – prevents many firms from even attempting to update their SAP systems, not least because of the time and money traditionally needed to mitigate the potential for problems.

Automation can transform the way you maintain and enhance SAP software, virtually eliminating the risk of change so that your business can take advantage of the latest that SAP has to offer.

Watch the webinar recording to learn:

  • How automation increases speed and quality when implementing SAP upgrades
  • How Robotic Test Automation can massively shorten project duration and cost
  • The importance of automation in a streamlined multi-track development environment

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