APJ – Orchestrating IT Change Across SAP and Beyond

SAP applications are the mission-critical backbone of organisations in which they are implemented. And with the correct tooling and system change strategies, such applications can be as responsive to change as the business needs them to be all the time lowering cost, saving time, and reducing risk.

But SAP systems are not an island in the sea of an organisation’s IT landscape. System change does not always happen independently – a wider context needs to be considered.

In this webinar, we will cover the main challenges of managing change across multiple SAP landscapes, including on-premise and cloud environments, as well as SAP and non-SAP landscapes.

Watch the 30-minute session to learn:

  • Why managing SAP change control in a silo leaves the business open to inefficiency and risk
  • How to effectively manage change across the enterprise to improve business agility
  • Best practices for improving change control and visibility, helping businesses innovate faster

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