Real-World SAP Stories: Enabling Innovation With Automation

Businesses today face unprecedented technological challenges. Digital disruption is rife, and continues to raise customer expectations. New enterprise applications and platforms abound. Hosting has been transformed with the advent of hyper-scale cloud providers. Even IT auditing and compliance keep getting tougher as IT systems grow in complexity. 

SAP systems are definitely not insulated from this shift. In fact, the impact on them is arguably greater given their business-critical nature and a historical resistance to change. In this webinar we’ll consider some of the key use cases for SAP automation, and share real-world stories of how SAP teams are using it to deliver real benefits.

Watch the recording to learn about: 

  • Key use cases where SAP automation can deliver benefits 
  • Real-world stories of how major global brands like Ericsson and Procter & Gamble have successfully employed automation in these scenarios 
  • The value that Basis Technologies’ SAP automation software could bring to your organization

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