Don’t Get Caught Out In The Cold: How to Avoid Change Freezes During S/4HANA Migration and Upgrades

Moving to S/4HANA might seem like a one-off project but there’s much more involved when you consider the preparation necessary for a smooth transition and the open-ended challenge of keeping your new systems up to date.

SAP teams have to do everything they can to avoid disruption during these projects, but in today’s fast-moving world the business simply can’t afford to put a block on innovation. That means if you’re going to get to S/4 as efficiently as possible and leverage the latest innovations when you’re there, you need a way to avoid the old-fashioned idea of a change freeze.

Watch this webinar to learn how:

  • DevOps and test automation provides a fast, low-risk way to execute key steps in the S/4HANA journey
  • SAP teams can keep S/4 systems updated without ever imposing a production change freeze
  • Global companies have successfully adopted automation to support successful S/4HANA projects

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