Introducing ActiveControl 9.0: 4 Principles for Removing Bottlenecks from SAP Change Delivery to Drive Business Growth

For IT organizations struggling to balance the growing demands of business innovation with maintaining business continuity, SAP is a common bottleneck.

The business-critical and complex nature of SAP systems can leave teams feeling locked into legacy processes with no room for risk-free maneuver. But removing bottlenecks from SAP change delivery can be instrumental in transforming IT from a blocker to an enabler of business growth.

Adopting these 4 principles can help you unlock time savings throughout your change delivery cycle while reducing risk.

Watch the webinar to learn how ActiveControl 9.0 can remove common SAP bottlenecks:

  • Agility: reduce delayed releases with a simplified analysis and review process, meaning less time spent on unnecessary checks.
  • Flexibility: streamline your journey to cloud by using the same processes and tools to manage change in on-prem & cloud systems
  • Visibility: reduce production downtime with deployment scheduling based on at-a-glance usage insights
  • Usability: optimize SAP change delivery processes by equipping your teams with tools customizable to individual and project specific needs

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