S4HANA Adoption Model

Live Panel: Unpacking the latest S/4HANA adoption data 

After the launch of David Lees’ recent S/4HANA Adoption Model, several critical data points have emerged:

  • 43% of ECC customers will not have completed their S/4HANA migrations by end of 2027
  • 55% of all ECC and S/4HANA customers will be out of mainstream maintenance by 2027
  • Demand for migration resources will peak at end of 2027, requiring 75% more resources than today

These findings paint a complex picture for SAP customers in the years ahead, but proactive IT leaders can remain on the positive side of these statistics by taking action today.

What topics will be discussed?

To help guide you through these challenges, we’re gathering some of the top SAP experts in the world in a live panel discussion hosted by the model’s creator, David Lees, to explore topics such as:

  • Considerations for “early adopter” S/4HANA customers that are facing maintenance issues
  • How to address finite migration resource demand peaks and their budget implications  
  • Likely migration timelines and the difference between “started”, “live” and “completed” phases 
  • Maintaining ECC alongside S/4HANA due to data retention needs and integration complexities 

Note: This session is restricted to 100 attendees only

Meet the panelists

David Lees (Moderator and Model Creator)

David Lees joined Basis Technologies in January 2019 as Chief Strategy Officer and now holds the role of CTO, responsible for technology and engineering, leading product development and customer support. David has more than 20 years of SAP domain experience and expertise, most recently with Procter & Gamble where he held the role of SAP Supply Chain (S/4HANA) Platform Transformation Leader and Global SAP Platform Architect. 

Jon Reed

Jon Reed has been building enterprise communities since 1995. He advises vendors and startups on reaching today’s informed enterprise buyer. He is a diginomica co-founder, Enterprise Irregular, and a purveyor of multi-media content. Jon is quickly earning a reputation for outspoken views – and research – on the pros and cons of generative AI in the enterprise. Jon’s signature weekly column, Enterprise Hits and Misses, is a punchy enterprise review for readers who enjoy puncturing hype balloons. 

Joshua Greenbaum

Josh has over 30 years of experience in the industry as a computer programmer, systems analyst, author, consultant, and industry analyst. Having helped pioneer coverage of the enterprise software market in the late 1980s, he moved to Europe in 1991 and worked as an industry analyst and as European correspondent for several tech publications. While based in Paris Josh began his coverage of the ERP space and wrote the first technical analysis of SAP’s R/3 for the US market in 1992. Josh founded Enterprise Applications Consulting in 1998 and has been a pioneering independent analyst, consultant and close watcher of SAP and its ecosystem ever since.

Hayley Harford

Hayley Harford is the VP of Delivery working within Basis Technologies. With extensive experience in managing implementation projects for enterprise clients across diverse industries and geographical locations, Hayley creates strategic plans that ensure timely and budget-friendly project delivery. Hayley has expertise for over a decade in consulting services and has direct hands-on experience helping some of the largest companies in the world tackle their S/4HANA challenges.

Useful Resources 

  1. Read David Lees’ analysis of his model’s findings and what it means for SAP customers.
  2. Download your own customizable copy of the SAP Adoption Model.

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