5 key capabilities to look for in Agile and DevOp tools

While there are many ways to define DevOps, the goal of the concept is to increase efficiency and start delivering better quality software more quickly. Choosing the right tools can be a hard process. Register for this webinar where we’ll cover all the basics of what you need in your DevOps automation tools to make the Agile transition more successful.

To achieve the cutting-edge speed and agility promised by DevOps, you need to choose the right tools to enable automation across all aspects of development, production, and operations.

Tools are not the sum total of DevOps; yet, choosing the right tools for your team will help establish early success and provide you with the support through the transition.

Watch this webinar we’ll cover the key factors you need to know when looking into implementing Agile and DevOps tools to help support your SAP processes, in order to provide change at the speed of business.

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