How to build an on-demand SAP delivery process for greater competitive agility

As companies attempt to deliver business change at higher speed they are finding that the restrictions of the standard SAP release cycle hold them back. After all, nobody wants to adopt a ‘push and pray’ approach that increases risk along with speed.

Continuous Delivery solves the problem of delivering change more quickly and managing risk effectively. It removes the need to push releases and pray they don’t break production. But in order to achieve success, the right automation solutions are crucial.

Watch this webinar recording to learn how automation enables Continuous Delivery and de-risks SAP releases without slowing you down so that you can:

  • Ensure safe, frequent, high-quality SAP releases
  • Leave the spreadsheet age behind and remove the heavy lifting and manual activities that are needed to coordinate quality and orchestrate releases
  • Take away restrictive maintenance cycles that don’t support the dynamic nature of business
  • Reduce testing cycles while improving coverage and eliminating a “risk-based” approach

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