Strategic SAP Management: Assess, Adapt, and Achieve Consistency Across Borders

In the ever-evolving landscape of global business, organizations frequently face the challenge of balancing broad oversight with localized autonomy. This tension is particularly pronounced in large organizations using centralized ERP systems like SAP, where the need for uniformity must be reconciled with the necessity for local responsiveness.

In this webinar we will explore how organizations can manage SAP processes that require both a global template and local customization. We will discuss the dual needs for global visibility and local independence, and how these can be addressed without sacrificing efficiency or control. Our focus will be on the power of automation in transforming SAP environments from a potential ‘hell’ of complexity and risk into a ‘heaven’ of streamlined operations and strategic agility.

In this session you can also expect:

  • Challenges and solutions of global templating
  • Different approaches to managing global templates that allow for delicate balance
  • Real-world customer example demonstrating the tangible benefits achieved through the strategic use of automation

Join us to discover how your organization can leverage automation to effectively manage its SAP environment, ensuring both global coherence and local excellence.

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