APJ: The Practical Guide to DevOps for SAP

In our top webinar session hosted for the APJ region learn how DevOps can transform the way that SAP systems support businesses, by providing the agility to respond to new business strategies and changing market conditions in order to innovate much faster. But what’s the reality of concepts like Continuous Delivery, Automated Testing and Continuous Deployment in an SAP environment?

In this webinar recording, we explain the practical impact that DevOps will have on the way you manage SAP change and delivery, and what you’ll need to make it effective at each stage of the delivery pipeline.

Watch the recording to learn more about:

  • The practicalities of adopting DevOps in an SAP environment
  • The impact of DevOps at the various stages of SAP change delivery – from development, through testing, pre-production and production – and on the teams involved
  • The outcomes and benefits of a DevOps approach

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