The domino effect. Why dynamic backlog and release planning is fundamental to Continuous Delivery in SAP

Imagine the impact if your team could break the shackles of the standard SAP release cycle and safely deliver changes to the business as soon as they are ready.

Continuous Delivery enables SAP teams to make a real business impact, but finding the right automation to support your efforts is a crucial part of the process.

To make Continuous Delivery a reality, companies need the ability to dynamically manage release and sprint plans with confidence and clarity in order to avoid the negative knock-on effects of unexpected delays, scope changes, etc.

In this webinar – the third in our series ‘Automate your way to Continuous Delivery for SAP’ – we explain how you can implement a flexible release strategy as you increase business agility through faster, more frequent SAP change.

Watch this recorded webinar to:

  • Learn why it’s important to implement an effective backlog, requirements and release planning process to enable frequent release and application delivery in SAP
  • Understand how to effectively manage business requirements and safely move them between releases and sprints to support the priorities of your business
  • Learn how SAP automation solutions can manage the risk, quality control and impact associated with flexible delivery so that critical business systems are not impacted

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