The network effect. How the integration of CI/CD automation tools bridges the SAP delivery gap.

Imagine the impact if your team could break the shackles of the standard SAP release cycle and safely deliver changes to the business as soon as they are ready.  Continuous Delivery enables SAP teams to make a real business impact, but finding the right automation to support your efforts is a crucial part of the process.

As software ecosystems proliferate, the need to integrate application delivery processes across all layers is more important than ever.  In addition, end-to-end delivery processes often involve a combination of many tools across many functions, like ITSM and Agile / backlog management.  It’s critical that these tools form an integrated toolchain to provide complete visibility and enable collaboration.

In this webinar – the second in our series ‘Automate your way to Continuous Delivery for SAP’ – we will explain how you can integrate your SAP delivery processes with wider, non-SAP workflows to increase business agility through faster, more frequent change.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn why it is crucial to bridge the gap between SAP and connected applications so that releases can be synchronized and delivered at speed

  • Understand how to create a seamless continuous delivery toolchain that allows teams to become better aligned with business requirement

  • Learn how SAP automation solutions can operate in harmony with external tools to provide the orchestration, visibility, and validation that’s required in enterprise application delivery today

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