Part I – Reasons why SAP users choose ActiveControl

In order to improve the way you manage your SAP environment you need to have the right people and culture, but also you need an effective and helpful toolset that can give you full support through advanced functionality and an and easy to use interface.

ActiveControl users often tell us how much they love what the product offers – perhaps unsurprisingly – there are some questions that crop up as ‘hot topics’ time and again before (and sometimes even after) it is adopted.  In this webinar we’ll share some of the most common examples of “Can ActiveControl help us with …?”, confirm that yes, it can, and explore the relevant features.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • Key outcomes that SAP users are looking for when evaluating SAP change control tools
    • Non-Transportable Change
    • Cross System Dependencies
    • Build List Report
    • Deep Impact Analysis
  • The features of ActiveControl that support these common requirements
  • How SAP teams benefit from these features

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