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As a partner, your unique value proposition, by incorporating our products, will drive the focus on enabling your clients to overcome the complexities of managing change in SAP systems, driving business agility and fostering a more responsive approach to market conditions, setting them up for continued success.


Business growth opportunities to add greater value, upsell existing customers and differentiate your offering

Industry-leading retention rates that drive recurring annual revenues

Joint business development opportunities to enable your success

Fast time-to-market with a low investment

Master the Lifecycle of Change

Basis Technologies’ product suite puts you and your customers in control of SAP change , from discovery to delivery.

By partnering with Basis Technologies, you’ll be able to confidently support your customers embrace every change in their own business to navigate industry-wide challenges, transform their organizations, and outpace their competitors (whilst also supporting your own business strategic objectives and recurring revenues).

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Choose the Right Partnership for Your Business

We offer a range of flexible entry points to our Global Partner Program based on your business model, core competencies and resources.

Build a bespoke partnership on a global scale by customizing your relationship with us on a region-by-region basis. We adapt to fit your model – across region or business unit. Adaptable, and flexible, our tailored approach removes friction at every step.

Offer a comprehensive, closed loop service by selling and implementing our suite. Drive ongoing business value by taking a holistic approach to the whole customer lifecycle. Benefit from recurring revenue as you support SAP changes on an ongoing basis.

Add to your revenue streams by directly reselling our product suite to existing and new customers, who both need to accelerate SAP change in confidence.

Introduce your customers to our product suite for a referral fee and we’ll drive the sales and implementation process to make sure they see success.

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Embark on a journey of reliable, long-term revenue growth with Basis Technologies’ industry-leading product suite.

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