Release Your Revenue Trapped in Exception Management

The world’s best performing utilities trust BDEx to power their SAP back office


The Utilities Industry Relies on BDEx to Solve One of Its Biggest Challenges.

Exception management is business critical for organizations that are faced with significant trapped revenue. BDEx is a trusted partner for the utility industry, helping deliver exceptional service for 85 million utilities customers across the globe.

A key feature of BDEx is our best-in-class analytics and reporting tools, providing operational insight to understand current and future workloads, see where wastage lies and optimize tolerance validations. This empowers you to take a proactive stance in exception management.

Gain a Single View

Simplify fragmented processes to gain a comprehensive, customer-centric view.

Resolve Issues at Speed

Accelerate resolution times to improve your customer experience and generate significant cost savings.

Automate Work Allocation

Drive efficiency through automation and allocate work dynamically to empower your people.

Three Key Questions

How easily can you answer these questions?

How much revenue is trapped in your meter to cash cycle?

Do you know which customers are late for billing?

Do you understand what factors are affecting your billing?

Enhance SAP for Utilities

Whether you’ve built in-house solutions or are reliant upon SAP’s own tools, exceptions management is complex. It can take as many as 21 steps to uncover necessary information relating to just one customer, causing considerable inefficiencies for your business. With BDEx, this is streamlined to just two steps, empowering your team to work smarter. BDEx has been designed to enhance and augment Business Process Exception Management (BPEM) in SAP, enabling your business to:

  • Dynamically allocate work based upon operational priorities
  • Gain a real-time, customer-centric view of exceptions
  • Resolve cases 40-50% faster
  • Access an automated rules engine for closure control to clear out waste and eliminate bottle necks

Let’s Redefine Customer Service With The Industry’s Must-Have Tool

Back Office Benefits

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Right first time improvement
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Invoices ready to print in 3 days
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Customer Service Benefits

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Increase in net promoter score
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Reduction in handoffs
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Who we work with

The World’s Leading Utilities Providers Rely on Basis Technologies

Key Features

Dynamic Work Center

Streamline the process of allocating back office work in SAP for utilities, giving managers complete visibility and control of their team’s workload.

Customer Centric Hub

Gain all relevant metering, billing, dunning and related customer information in one single, real-time, customer centric transaction.

Closure Control

Understand the link between BPEM cases and their underlying root cause, making it possible to automatically closes cases where the root cause has already been rectified.



Customer Service Excellence for Utilities that Use SAP

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